A medical device made to brush teeth in 10 seconds intended for care facilities and retirement homes.

Take care of your patient's and resident's teeth, save time and reduce you costs.



Our medical device was specially designed for care facilities and retirement homes which care for dependent people with reduced mobility capabilities due to ageing or specific handicaps.  

After multiple years of R&D, in close collaboration with caregivers, nurses and other medical professionals, our product is able to efficiently brush all teeth simultaneously in 10 seconds and simplifies the task for users, dependent people or their caregivers.


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FasTeesH's ambition is to transform teeth brusing, to make it a simpler task, in particular for dependent people. Our aim is to bring about a real revolution to their day to day routine, and that of their care givers.  

There is a major medical issue which needs to be adressed. A lack of dental hygiene can lead to tooth decay and periodontitis, but can also have an overall negative impact on a person's general health, it can most notably cause dietary problems, a lowered quality of life and a higher risk for cardiovascular pathologies.

FasTeesH therefore relies on a new and patented technical method, which we developed and verified, and which answers to a battery of demanding and secure tests.




Cofounded by Benjamin Cohen, a specialist in the development of medical devices, and Christophe Cadot, PhD, our team is composed of super-motivated engineers, communicators and marketers who strongly believe in the product and the project that goes along side it.

We are supported by many dentists and other experts in the dependence field: geriatricians, caregivers, etc.

And we are accompanied by many partners, official institutions, laboratories and health professionals.


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